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Are you new? Stop in and say hi!

Dernier Message : HDYO Newby Introductions par Chandler
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General discussion

Open space to discuss completely random subjects or anything HD

Dernier Message : Here's my story par Matt
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Getting tested

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At risk

Discuss being at risk for HD

Dernier Message : How do you feel about being at risk? par DarylDixon
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A space to discuss feelings on predictive testing

Dernier Message : Waiting for results... Any advice? par HDgirl
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Tested Positive

Tested positive? Discuss your feelings here

Dernier Message : Tested positive- looking to meet people par Anna27
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Tested Negative

Tested negative? Share your feelings here

Dernier Message : Testing negative par Jenny90
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Living with HD

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Young carers

A space for young people who are caring for someone with HD

Dernier Message : Your experiences of being a young carer par Erlend
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Living in a family with HD

Share feelings and experiences of growing up in a family with HD

Dernier Message : Experiences of living in a family with HD par Matt
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Having children

Thinking of having children? Discuss your thoughts or share experiences here

Dernier Message : Experiences of having children par Ally
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Share your fundraising or seek advice/tips

Dernier Message : Where do I begin? par Matt
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Seek advice or share experiences on how to get involved with research, and discuss new research updates

Dernier Message : HTT-Rx par lamby88
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A space for partners of those impacted by HD

Dernier Message : Partners: how are you dealing with knowing your parther is diagnosed with HD? par Chelsie
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A section for parents of young people impacted by HD

Dernier Message : Talking to the children par Dr.Lange
1 23 116

An area for JHD families to share and discuss their feelings and experiences

Dernier Message : Understanding par Ally
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Discuss the articles on the HDYO site here

Dernier Message : Aucun
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